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Do You Know

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...why the eating of a little fruit in the garden of Eden was a capital offense; if God threatened Adam with eternal torment if he disobeyed; what was done to the first human pair to cause their death? it is understood that the sentence on Adam was fulfilled in the day of his disobedience, even though he lived 930 years; where man came from, and where he was told he would go because of his disobedience; if you, in similar circumstances, would have done differently than did Adam in his test?

...what is the present condition of those who have died in disobedience and unbelief; it death is a gateway to glory or a penalty for sin; why infants die, even though they have not sinned?

...if it is just, that God visit the iniquity of parents on their children; if God foresaw that his human creation would fail its test of loyalty to him; what is the source of a common belief that sacrifice of life is required for atonement for sin?

...what kind of beings are a little above mankind and the human nature; what the word "ransom" means as used in the Bible (Matt. 20:28, Mark 10:45, 1 Tim. 2:6); why Jesus needed to leave his spirit nature to be a corresponding price to Adam?

...what Bible teaching is the basis of a clear understanding of God's gracious plan of redemption for the condemned race of Adam; for what purpose Jesus "was made a little lower than the angels"; why it was so long after disobedience before Jesus came to earth to redeem us?

...what Jesus needed to undergo to be our redeemer; why Jesus should "taste death for every man" if the penalty for sin is eternal torture; if Jesus when here on earth was part man and part God, that is, both human and divine?

...what caused Jesus to be alive now if he really died; how the death of Jesus qualified him to be called "everlasting father"; how the "first man Adam's" disobedience affected his race?

...why Jesus is called "the last Adam"; what it is that will make Jesus "satisfied" regarding his sacrifice; what is indicated by the fact that Jesus, once in heaven, "sat down, henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool"?

...whether God or Jesus will judge mankind; how long the day of judgment will be; what must first occur before God's grace shall be realized by non- Christians and the world in general; when blessings made possible by Christ's death will reach all mankind?

Satisfying Bible answers to these and other reasonable questions are included in the 32-page booklet, "A Ransom for All," offered free, in the spirit of tolerance and good will toward all. Request from:

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