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January, February 2009

The Seed of the Woman
Walk Honestly
Adam in the Garden  Scriptural Doctrines   ·  Daniel 11:40

March, April 2009

The Last Supper
Sacrificing with Christ
Patient Endurance
Questions from Readers
Daniel 12 · Great Truths

May, June 2009

Death and Resurrection
Behavior in the Church of God
Top of the Mountains

Reader Questions

Daniel: Conclusion



January, February 2008

The Great Company
Six Generations
The Period of the Kings (Part 2)
New Website Announcement

March, April 2008

Divine Healing
Can We Know?
Antiochus Magnus
343 Years  ·  587 BC

May, June 2008

The Passover Lamb
Prayer a Great Privilege
Lessons on Self Control · Daniel 11:20
Seventy Years  ·  Questions of Interest

July, August 2008

What is Salvation? · Melchizedek
Christian Discipleship 
  Three Ransom Scriptures
Antiochus Epiphanes

September, October 2008

Israel · Christian Principles
The Fundamental Doctrine
Antiochus Epiphanes

November, December 2008

The Resurrection of the Dead ·
Good Tiding of Great Joy · 2043AD
Gifts to our King · Daniel 11:31


January 2007

Three Callings of the Holy Spirit
The Ram and the Goat
Newton on Truth
36 Years

March, April 2007

The Ransom
Incoming Mail
2300 Years
Three Doves

May, June 2007

“Limbo” in Limbo
The Herald Website
Godliness with Contentment
Understanding the Vision
The Emergence of Rome
Wary of Discontent
2300 Year Parallels

Special Edition 2043

The Millennium is at Hand!
The Purpose of Christianity
6000 Years
Time Prophecy
Who Are the Bible Students?
Speakers Available
For a Moment
For This Cause

September, October 2007

One God, the Father
John the Baptist
Seventy Weeks
Structure of the Old Testament
Structure of the New Testament

November, December 2007

The Whole Creation
Daniel’s Last Vision
The Period of the Kings

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January 2006

Soul and Spirit
Daniel Chapter One
Noah to Abraham

February 2006

Daniel Chapter Two
The Gospel Age Harvest
Abraham to Exodus

March 2006

The Firstborn of Every Creature
The Fiery Furnace
The Value of a Tender Conscience
Abraham to Exodus
Alive and Remain

April 2006

Unprofitable Words
Nebuchadnezzar’s Madness
Exodus to Solomon


June 2006

Evidence of Sonship
The Last King of Babylon
Exodus to Solomon (Cont.)
Times of the Gentiles

July, August 2006

The High Calling
Daniel and the Lion’s Den
Exodus to Solomon (Part Three)
Times of the Gentiles (Continued)
Were Not Ten Cleansed?

September, October 2006

The Abrahamic Covenant
Wisdom from a New King
The Visions of Daniel
Extending the Symmetry


October 2005

Faithbuilders Fellowship
Pastor Charles Russell
Brother Gilbert Rice
Establishing an Ecclesia
Chart of the Ages
Two Ages of Redemption
When Comes the Kingdom?

December 2005

The Book of Daniel
Close Your Eyes for a Moment
Planes and Pyramids
Bible Chronology